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To RANK WELL have site ready before publishing AND drive mass quality traffic to it.


Holy cow, look at most PBNs… They don’t link to any other page

on the site. They literally just link out to other sites


How hard is it to write a code that digs up sites with only external



2. No related links to authorities

Most PBNs just link to sites that have low trust levels (aka new sites).


Again, c’mon now. How simple of “scrape” would that be. Find all

sites that link out to sites with no search volume, no traffic, and

no authority.


Place links to as many real related sites as possible


3. Links in every single post…

Golly gosh, how blatantly obvious is it when a site has only

5 posts, no internal links, and every post links out to a low

quality no-name site.

Fun To Be Rich

Fun To Be Rich

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